Hello, poppets!

Long time, no speak, huh? I know, I know, I said the last time I’d never fall off the end of the earth again, but there’s a big long-winded post coming your way all about exactly why I did.

For now, I thought I’d make my grand return with something awfully exciting…

Ya gal’s first PR post.

The folks over at Fiercely Female are launching their brand today and to quote them directly, they are a brand which seeks to “put the power in female empowerment”. Now, they may have already had me at female empowerment, but when I went on to find out this was through the enormous power of the slogan t-shirt? Count me in.

They’ve categorised their shirts into ones directed at mothers, positivity, being fierce – duh, women of the world and my all-time personal favourite, “This Is Me, Deal With It”.

I personally went for one which, although is in their Mama category, spoke to me on a spiritual level. Yes, I’m stressed, but I had mac and cheese for lunch so I’m also v blessed. As for the shirt’s themselves, I was honestly quite taken aback by the quality of the fabric. We’re talking, wear any kind of bra you want hun cause you’re never gonna see it, kind of quality.

Although the shirt I’m proudly sporting today has been kindly gifted by FF themselves, I will definitely be purchasing more. I personally have my eye on this babe: 



So if like me you feel like supporting women in the best way you know how by sprawling it across your chest, go ahead and nip over to using LAUNCH10 to nab yourself a cheeky wee discount. (Applicable until 31.08.18)


Don’t forget to show them some love over on their social media pages too:








It’s a March favourites. Two weeks into April. If that surprises you then you must be new here. Hi, I’m Alice and I’m a painfully disorganised human being.

Following my last post, I figured it was time to make my grand reappearance and try to tame the mental breakdown that’s engulfed the past few months.

So without further ado, with a newly rejigged blog, here’s everything that my March appeared to revolve around…

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m an incredibly pale person. Which as you can imagine makes trying to find a foundation that matches my ghostly complexion, quite the uphill struggle. Then you add in the unpleasant texture-y extra that is my eczema and you’ve just got a full-blown panic. So, I took it upon myself to wander into Superdrug and put my full faith and trust in a complete stranger who works there. I explained my skin dilemmas and with a pure stroke of genius, she returned with a brand I’d somehow never tried before.

I’ve got to say, I’m not preaching this stuff is a miracle. The colour is slightly off but as is everything I smear onto my face, however, the consistency is the key to my love of this stuff. It’s still somehow a matte finish without my face looking like a highland snowstorm. It’s difficult to believe with a makeup obsession quite as intense as mine that I’d never tried Revlon before now, however, I can now officially say I’m converted. (Shoutout to the free contour palette for having spent far too much money, that was a nice wee touch.)

Benefit Brow Zings

Show of hands who’s brows are huge and out of control. If you fall into the same category as I do, which in case your wondering involves waking up in the morning with my eyebrows pointing in about seventeen different directions, then this product is for you. I was never a powder gal when it came to my brows, in fact before I started using Brow Zings I was a Ka Brow gel girl through and through. But alas, this wee wonder comes with its own setting gel too, so smudge-fear is no more. Basically, yes. Thumbs up from me.

Joey and Chandler

No, not Tribianni and Bing. Their namesakes.

For me, March involved progressing to level 24 of life. Which after a complete mental breakdown about now being able to say the phrase I’m in my ‘mid-twenties’, Greig then followed suit with the ‘what do I get my girlfriend for her birthday’ breakdown. He then had the mother of all good ideas and got me something I’ve wanted since I was just a little mini Alice. Get you a man that buys you pet fish.

Pat on the back for me for being that weirdo child who was obsessed with Black Moor fish. Yes, the ones with the huge cartoon eyes. No, I don’t know how that started… I prefer the term quirky, okay? 

Who gets two new pets and doesn’t immediately name them after Friends characters? Not me, that’s for sure.


How on earth did I go all these years without a bit of Harvey Specter in my life? There’s nothing quite like a bunch of badass lawyers to get you through 6 seasons in a month. Of course, I can’t forget to give a wee nod to Donna though, who’s the epitome of strong independent woman. Again, all of the badassness. My only criticism is that I now have to wait a week between episodes. I’m more of a season a day kind of gal…

Babyliss Curl Pods

Now, I know this is going to sound like a weird one coming from a girl who’s genes were very much hit with the curly hair stick. However, hear me out. Despite years of my sister bafflingly asking, “You’re curling curly hair?”, I continue to do so based solely on the fact I may have curly hair but I don’t have nice bouncy curls, I very much have the kind of curls that look like when Monica Geller went to Barbados. Now, if we take into consideration that my hair is also making friends with my hips and as thick as the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, finding rollers which can hold my hair and heat it at the same time seemed like an impossible task until these bad boys. Quick, as easy as curling this much hair can possibly be and now officially just a total babe.

Lush Elbow Grease Bar

If any of you reading this suffer from oily skin, I’d skim straight past this paragraph. If like me, it snows skin from your face, welcome to the best advice I could give a person.

Now I’m not sure if this is even intended for your face, especially since it’s marketed for brightening tattoos, however, I’ve never been so glad I slapped a product on my big ol’ moon face. My skin has never felt so smooth and I will get up on my roof to sing about this moisture bar if that’s what it takes to convert people to it.

Clinique Skincare

I still to this day vividly remember the day my Mum took me up to the Clinique counter in Debenhams, told them how bad my skin is and they offered me a myriad of solutions. Six years later, I still rely on a perfect combination of their foaming face wash, their babe of a cleansing brush and my Lush products, to keep my good old pal eczema in check. Big shoutout to Mum for that decision.

Molton Brown’s Ylang-Ylang Candle

I’m not even going to pretend I spent £60 on a candle or am even remotely capable of doing so, this was a birthday gift from my wonderful Mum. Sitting proudly on my hall table is a purple three wicked wonder, with the matching reed diffuser. I have truly never smelled something quite so beautiful as this scent and may, in fact, have been converted to spending said sixty quid in future when this beaut finally runs out. This candle addict’s year has officially been made.





It’s been over two months since I posted last and there’s a very simple answer as to why, life selfishly weaselled it’s way in and got completely in the way, making my relationship with blogging suddenly a very complicated one.

I’ve got to be honest with you, I was procrastinating writing this post as I didn’t quite know how to put into words the gravity of the past couple months without being one massive vibe sniper. There’s a fine line between explaining an absence and just simply bumming everyone out and I didn’t quite know how to approach it.

However, I vowed to try my best.

In the past few months life has thrown a number of roadblocks into mine and my family’s path, including but certainly not limited to my mummabear’s cancer returning, Greig being assaulted on NYE of all days, a trip to hospital for myself, my 92-year-old pops falling through glass and my cousin’s car spontaneously catching fire.

We actually made the national news with that last one.

As you can imagine, my wee brain’s been in overdrive. And no matter how much I’ve tried to just ‘knuckle down and focus on work’ I’d be lying if I said to you guys that I’ve dealt with it all properly, which is precisely why I decided to take some time out from all things internet to get my head straight. Because what do we all know ya girl does when shit gets tricky? A stunt that would rival Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. So, aside from a handful of tweets and three Instagram posts, I pulled a very necessary disappearing stunt.

Fast forward a couple of months and I’m ready to throw myself back into all the things I had pushed onto the back burner. I’ve never been one for cheesy resolutions the second January hits, but I truly believe the rest of this year is on the up now. It’s only been a few days since I first started to pull myself back together and I’ve already started writing again, gone back to my artwork and had a sudden desire to go back to uni.

I know it sounds so cliche and you’re all going to sit there rolling your eyes like, “Okay Alice, calm your tits love”, but I truly can’t stress enough that until you look after yourself and put yourself first, you most definitely won’t be able to be there for anybody else.

So here’s to 2018, the year of looking after ourselves first.

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Hello poppets, as a lady of my word here I am, writing more regularly. First of all, happy Guy Fawkes Night and second of all, it’s been a long time since I bored you all senseless with the bits and bobs that have made me a happy bunny this month, and it was whilst being overcome with emotional feelings towards a tub of ice cream that I realised I should probably get back into the swing of things.

Which brings me here…


Shoutout to all the human’s graced with skin tones that make up brands are highly unaccommodating to. It’s a bloody frustrating existence and I have just the thing you for you because it has become a staple life-saver in my little world for the past few months. You give the dropper a wee squish, drop a couple drops into your foundation and Bob’s your uncle. The best part is that unlike our tried and trusted moisturiser trick, the coverage of your foundation isn’t affected at all. (Another bonus it’s only a friggin’ tenner.)

Hi, I’m Alice, I start shows nine decades late and form overbearing attachments to fictional characters. Yes, guys, it’s a Walking Dead situation all over again. Holy fluffin’, where do I start with this show? My mantra for the two seasons I’ve binge-watched in a less than a fortnight – yes, I know.. A fortnight – has been “never saw that coming”. Excuse my amateur dramatics but, I fear I may not be able to last the year and a half until season three.

I love tea. I love everything there is to love about tea. Life falling apart? Have no fear, a cuppa will officially fix it. However, I’ve never been the sort of person to be anything other than indifferent toward herbal/fruit tea, there’s just never been an occasion in which I’ve crossed paths with it. I’ve always been that uneducated twerp in the room that thought if a cuppa didn’t have milk and three sugars in it, it wasn’t worth my time of day. Until I found myself drawn to a cute af box of berry tea and boy was I missing out. I feel a tea collection coming on.

If someone told me when I was a teenager that as an adult I’d be publicly giving high praise to Primark skincare products, I would have crawled into a dark space and never shown my face the light of day again. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of what’s on their shelves of late. Gone are the days of Primark’s beauty products being limited to three orange foundation shades and a few lipsticks that looked like they belonged taped to a kids magazine. Thanks to Primark and their new ‘go hard or go home’ attitude, I can now end my day with a hot cloth cleanser that feels utterly magical… And lemme tell you, that magical feeling feels all that more magical when it cost a pretty lil’ £4.

“You don’t need another candle, you already have candles.” – Greig being completely naive about the sheer volume of candles I could quite possibly need in one home. Which, let me tell you lads, isn’t going to get any easier as the autumn rolls around and Yankee Candle release new Christmas scents. Poor bugger doesn’t know what’s hit him.

I’d like to give my sincerest thanks to Imperial Leather this month, because if it wasn’t for them October’s greatest discovery wouldn’t have ever happened. They’ve got a range of bath/shower products that smell so good you’d be mistaken for thinking they wouldn’t taste like downing a bottle of dish soap. I never would’ve thought that there’s nothing more heavenly than feeling like you’re taking a shower with a Flump. (How good were they by the way? Childhood throwback happening here.)

Yes, I’m a vegetarian. Yes, I’m about to write an entire paragraph about how in love I have fallen with halloumi. Yes, I am aware of the cliche. However, bear with me here my little nuggets, because for the longest time I completely avoided it in the belief it was merely a fad. Then one day, I don’t know what made me do it, I ordered a halloumi burger instead of my usual macaroni cheese. Which lead to an entire meal of my forcing Greig to listen to how halloumi was my greatest life discovery…

For the past two months, there hasn’t been a day in which my kitchen table hasn’t had a vase full of rainbow lilies on it, thanks to Tesco and their babe of an ingenious plan to dye my favourite flowers the brightest blue I’ve ever seen in my near twenty-four years. Bonus points for them only being £6.

Now, this may seem like I’m losing the plot here, but I am so ready for winter. Let’s face it, Scottish summer is roughly four days of proper sun and the rest is only marginally recognisable by the fact the rain gets warmer. So after the moving process of clearing out my wardrobe required me to go through so many of my clothes, I found myself happily loving on my biggest, winteriest, comfiest sweaters. The situation spiralled somewhat and I require it to be Christmas, like, tomorrow. Okay? Thanks, fellas.




Jk, guys. I’ve moved in with Greig.

We only went and bloody did it, didn’t we? I mean it wasn’t exactly a laid out plan, but when a babe of a place with a converted attic, comes on the market, what’s a girl to do?

To be perfectly honest, we went into the viewing with an ‘we probably won’t go for it, but it’s always good to have a look’ kind of attitude… Then I immediately fell in love with the place. Meanwhile, Greig’s face had an expression which can only be described as ‘I could put my sound system in this attic’, painted all over his wee face.

It’s been a ridiculously stressful couple of months, but we’ve finally made it. We’re almost all unpacked, we’ve had all the ‘how many jars of screws do you possibly need’ and the ‘how many pairs of shoes can you own’ domestics there is to have and we moved in a fortnight ago.

Not to mention the most important of all days have just gone by… We had our internet put in. I am officially back living in the twenty-first century.

It’s true what they say, you’ve no idea just how much stuff you actually own until it comes time to pack it. The mammoth task of moving it all and unpacking has been tackled, so you shall soon be bombarded with one too many pretty pictures of said house.

Wish me luck poppets… I live with a boy!




Tragedy struck my life last month, when my loved ones took it upon themselves to come together as a collective and agree that I should be banned from Primark.

So, there I was, standing in Primark… 

It took me a good five minutes, a promise of only looking and not a single purchase, to wear down my sister. But before I knew it, I had fought my way into my own personal Primark heaven.

Now, as you’ll have already deduced, I did not make it out of Primark empty handed and I very much took my sister down with me. Who can blame us though, when a tiny little table was set up at the end of the cash desk – a holy grail type situation, if you will – to display twenty of Primark’s most wanted.


Yes, you heard me. The item stores are now limiting to two-per-person, the item I’ve seen more articles written about, the very same item that sold out all over the bloody country, is now in my possession.

He’s pretty, he’s little and dear god, will I never ever understand the people who’ve actually used said mug to consume beverages from. I’ve turned into that crazy aunt with the dollhouse, you may only look but not touch the Chip mug.

Categorically, the best fiver I’ve ever spent.*

*No, I’m not even exaggerating.

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The past few months have been an absolute whirlwind of exciting changes, ginger jokes* and falling completely and unexpectedly in love. But the past month or so, I’ve been so concerned with other things that something monumentally important has slipped my priority list when it should have been pride of place at the top.

I’ve been a little unsteady, in myself. My mental health became something I took for granted in recent years. Because speaking as someone who battled with their own brain for years, I thought my days at war were long behind me, however, it turns out that it’s very easy to take your eye off the ball.

I’ve noticed myself falling asleep later at night, waking up later during the day and sleeping more than the average human being should. I truly feel on the brink of a 4-year-old-kid style nap at any given minute throughout the day.

Life in itself has begun to overwhelm me, but nothing in particular to pinpoint a root cause of such anxiety. Because let’s face it, ol’ Brainbox is nothing if not vague and unpredictable. But this particular feeling no longer feels familiar to me and I’m no longer the sassy genius I used to be at dealing with such occurrences.

My biggest mistake so far has been subconsciously avoiding this, shoving the big luminous purple elephant in the room to my peripheral vision and pushing on through, wasting weeks by doing nothing. Never taking the ‘me’ time to do any of the things I love (I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to write and felt too drained to make words like a big girl), not sleeping on a schedule that means I can spend any great valuable time with my family, letting household chores sit around until the last possible millisecond and then feeling guilty when Greig gets there first. If there’s one thing I need to remind myself, it’s that I can’t run away from my own brain.

As I write this it’s 5 am and I can’t help but gaze at the freakishly tall human peacefully unaware beside me, feeling flooded with all the happy-gooey kinda’ feels he causes. But it’s then I remember my unwashed hair, Toy Story pyjamas (that I’m only wearing half of, because I was too exhausted to find the other 50% of Disney goodness) and I’ll barely be awake long enough to tell him about the happy-gooey feels. And truthfully that’s what’s got me writing this here long-winded post…

We all need to talk about the big purple elephant in the room more often. We need to break down this stigma that still lingers around us all like a big judgey raincloud and become more aware of our own personal warning signs, and not become complacent with being “okay”.

So this is my pact with you angelic lil’ nuggets to start tackling this elephant head on, no more silent wallowing, no more hiding away and certainly no more sleeping away the best years of my life.

It’s time to be OK, puddin’.

*EXTRA INFO: Greig’s very much tarred with a ginger brush.